Monday, May 20, 2013

Don't give up

Don't give up!

At the one point of Ulcerative Colitis I was forced to change my life dramatically. I was not able to enjoy going to places and feeling comfortable due to UC. Everywhere I went I had to make sure that I had a bathroom close by and that it was available. Last summer I was not able to go places too far because I was afraid that one day I was going to go #2 on myself. There were many moments last year where I felt like I was never again going to be able to enjoy my life and live it like anyone else.
I remember going out to two different amusement parks last summer and not being able to enjoy myself like I used to because I would have to be making constant trips into the public bathrooms. I have to say that having UC is one of the most challenging moments I have had to go through in my entire life, because of the many deprivations you have to go through.
I just want to let all you UC patients out there know that the battle is not over yet, because there is a something out there that will make you feel well again. When my doctor first introduced me to Predisone and told me that it was medicinal steroids I did not want to take them because I taught that they were not going to be good for my health. However, I learned that sometimes you have to take them in order to bring yourself back into your feet. Don’t give up!

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