Tuesday, May 21, 2013

College student with Ulcerative Colitis

Did I not mention that I am a college student? Well I am a full time college student about to graduate in December 2013 with my Associates degree. I have to say that having Ulcerative Colitis and being a college student it’s by far one of the most annoying parts of Colitis. When I first was diagnosed with UC I was enrolled in a semester and I was taking some challenging classes. I found it very difficult to concentrate in class and also try to keep up with good grades while having to deal with UC.
The semester when I was first diagnosed with UC was probably one of the hardest semesters I've had throughout my college life. I was not able to concentrate in class due to pains and constant run-offs to the bathroom. It is a bit hard to keep up with the class when you have to be constantly leaving the classroom to go to the bathroom. I was at one point forced by the circumstances to not eat before I went to class so that I could be able to pay attention in class. However, not eating was also a problem because being hungry and having UC was uncomfortable.
In order to have be able to pass all my classes with good grades I was forced to skip meals before going to class so that I would be able to catch up with the material in class. I also had to tell my professors  about the issue that I was going through so that they were able to understand the reasons why I was constantly leaving their classroom.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Don't give up

Don't give up!

At the one point of Ulcerative Colitis I was forced to change my life dramatically. I was not able to enjoy going to places and feeling comfortable due to UC. Everywhere I went I had to make sure that I had a bathroom close by and that it was available. Last summer I was not able to go places too far because I was afraid that one day I was going to go #2 on myself. There were many moments last year where I felt like I was never again going to be able to enjoy my life and live it like anyone else.
I remember going out to two different amusement parks last summer and not being able to enjoy myself like I used to because I would have to be making constant trips into the public bathrooms. I have to say that having UC is one of the most challenging moments I have had to go through in my entire life, because of the many deprivations you have to go through.
I just want to let all you UC patients out there know that the battle is not over yet, because there is a something out there that will make you feel well again. When my doctor first introduced me to Predisone and told me that it was medicinal steroids I did not want to take them because I taught that they were not going to be good for my health. However, I learned that sometimes you have to take them in order to bring yourself back into your feet. Don’t give up!

Ulcerative Colitis survivor

What is Ulcerative Colitis?

Ulcerative Colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease  that causes long-lasting inflammation in part of your digestive tract.

My Ulcerative Colitis story

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis around May 2012. When I first started feeling the signs of Ulcerative Colitis I did not know what Ulcerative Colitis was. One day I found myself having stomach aches and having many trips to the bathroom, so right away I taught that I had ate something that had made my stomach upset. I tried many over the counter drugs like: Pepto-Bismol and Imodium. 

After having no results from many over the counter products I turned to think I had a stomach virus. My doctor made me do many stool tests, which is by far one of the most awful and disgusting experiences I've had to do; if you have ever had one of these you probably know what I'm talking about. After receiving my stool tests back with no signs of possible bacteria, my doctor sent me over to a GI doctor (Gastroenterology) to have a Colonoscopy done. The day of the Colonospy the doctors put me to sleep and
when I woke up they told me that I had Ulcerative Colitis and that is how it all started.


Ever since I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colotis I tried every possible medicine that they taught would make me overcome the pain and problem. However, all the medicines I received did not do anything to better the situation. After months of trying different types of medicines a different doctor introduced me to PREDISONE. This is a medicinal steroid is given patients to help them recover from many things. 

When I was first diagnosed with UC, I taught that I was never going to be able to recover. However, this medicine has changed my life completely. I live my life like any other person, and do anything that I wish. I just want to let all you Ulcerative Colitis patients out there know that there is a solution. I started out with high dosages of Predisone, but now I am on 10mg a day.I feel like this story may help many of you suffering out there that there is a solution