Tuesday, May 21, 2013

College student with Ulcerative Colitis

Did I not mention that I am a college student? Well I am a full time college student about to graduate in December 2013 with my Associates degree. I have to say that having Ulcerative Colitis and being a college student it’s by far one of the most annoying parts of Colitis. When I first was diagnosed with UC I was enrolled in a semester and I was taking some challenging classes. I found it very difficult to concentrate in class and also try to keep up with good grades while having to deal with UC.
The semester when I was first diagnosed with UC was probably one of the hardest semesters I've had throughout my college life. I was not able to concentrate in class due to pains and constant run-offs to the bathroom. It is a bit hard to keep up with the class when you have to be constantly leaving the classroom to go to the bathroom. I was at one point forced by the circumstances to not eat before I went to class so that I could be able to pay attention in class. However, not eating was also a problem because being hungry and having UC was uncomfortable.
In order to have be able to pass all my classes with good grades I was forced to skip meals before going to class so that I would be able to catch up with the material in class. I also had to tell my professors  about the issue that I was going through so that they were able to understand the reasons why I was constantly leaving their classroom.

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